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Centurion Jasmine Cabinet

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Inspired by traditional designs and authentic artistry passed down from generation to generation, this modern, handcrafted case pieces feature mosaic floral motifs that are hand-drawn and reminiscent of the naturally elegant jasmine found growing amongst the palaces and lakes of Udaipur, India. Each cabinet door takes ten days to complete, as artisans select and shape each bone by hand (sourced from naturally deceased water buffalo that roam the streets and countryside of India.) Designed by Douglas Davis.


  • + Frames are built using solid oak wood, oak veneers, and engineered hardwood that is painted and finished by hand.
  • + Bone inlaid into cabinet doors is selected, shaped, polished, and smoothed by hand, before being placed carefully, one at a time onto each door.
  • + Due their hand-crafted nature, each cabinet door features a unique combination of inlay shapes. While their overall design remains consistent, no two cabinets will appear exactly the same.
  • + Bone used in this collection is ethically and sustainably sourced from naturally deceased water buffalo, which roam the streets and countryside of India.

  • + Resin is poured over cabinet doors, securing inlays to the cabinet’s surface and providing contrast to accentuate the elegant floral motif.
  • + Resin surfaces are sanded and finished by hand, creating a concrete-like texture with high and low tones that contrast the warm bone and painted wood.
  • + Wooden surfaces are hand-painted to complement the cabinet’s doors. A coat of clear lacquer provides added protection and a subtle sheen.
  • + Cord management holes accommodate electronics and bar appliances.
  • + This collection is artisan-crafted from natural materials with hand-applied finishes. Individual pieces may vary in color, pattern, shape, and texture, making each truly unique.

  • Dimensions:
  • 63.5" W x 18.5" D x 31.5" H