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LiveYoung Candle Company

Live Young Dough Bowl Candle

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Traditional hand-carved wooden dough bowls filled with soy wax create a stunning rustic candle. All natural hand-poured Ingredients. 


+ 100% non GMO American grown soy wax

+ Premium quality paraben & phthalate free essential/fragrance oil blends

+ 3-100% cotton lead free wicks.


+ 8-10"L x 5-7"W x 2"H

Care + Questions:

Why is my candle discolored? Natural ingredients can always impact the eventual color of your candles. Because fragrance oils often include ingredients like vanilla, citrus oils, and cinnamon that vary from batch to batch, you might find your candles discoloring over time. There’s nothing wrong with the fragrance oil or the candle it’s just a common variable when using natural ingredients. All our candles are made using natural ingredients and contain no ultraviolet stabilizers. In bright sunlight or under florescent lights they can turn yellow or have the natural color of the wax fade. This does not change the scent or degrade the candle in any way