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Expressing Gratitude Notecards

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Expressing thanks and appreciation for all of the meaningful moments between friends and loved ones...
12 notecards on bright white cardstock and white envelopes. A2 size (4 3/8 x 5 ¾ envelope), enclosed together in a clear, self-seal cello bag

The package includes 2 of each quote:
+ Thank you for the small things.
+ Grateful. Thankful. Blessed.
+ There is always something to be thankful for… and right now, I'm most thankful for you!
+ You make my heart smile. Thank you so much.
+ Thank you – in appreciation of you and all that you do.
+ Do you even know how amazing you are to me? (because you truly are)


6" L x 4.5" W x 1" H


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